Posted by: Scanstrut | October 8, 2010

Is the day of the brochure over?

It’s that time of year again, when things get a little manic here in the Scanstrut office as we prepare for the boat show season ahead. With a number of new products planned for launch, this usually signals the arrival of a new product brochure.

However, with its presence making a noticeable dent in our marketing budget, we have started to question its worth as part of our marketing mix.

High design and print costs, the increasing price of postage along with the fact that they pretty much start to date as soon as they are hot off the press are all contributing factors for reasons to ditch it.

With all this in mind, when we came to discussing the brochure, it was less ‘what are we doing this year’ and more ‘should we be doing it at all’?

Over the past few years we have all seen the online shift, we bank online, shop online, socialise and more. The internet is often the first stop shop for any new product research.

With websites, customers can access the very latest product information, 24 hours a day. We have found that whereas we once used to get requests to post out brochures to sailors researching products for their boat, we now mainly questions sent through our online website form.

So we asked ourselves that if everything is now happening online, is there any benefit in printed marketing materials such as brochures and costly ones at that?

To help us make a decision, we started off by asking for our dealers opinions and it made for interesting reading.

We found that 85% of customers* still use our brochures compared to the 81% that use our website to source product information.

A brochure is also a great tool at boat shows. Sent out to our distributors all over the world a brochure reminds a prospective customer that you exist, even when you are not around. Add to that its presence in chandleries where boaters are in the zone for purchasing marine products.

So for now, the brochure stays… but for how long, who knows!

*125 customers were questioned.


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