Posted by: Scanstrut | February 9, 2011

New and Improved Scanpod – Now in Stock!

We have had some great feedback since the launch of our Scanpod product range back in 2009.

Taking all of your comments on board, we have been busy updating the design to keep all the features you love, but to also look at areas where we could improve the product further.

With stock now on the shelves, we hope you agree with us that this version is even better. With the rate they are flying off the shelves, the outlook is good!


  • Universal Helm Fixing

A unique clamping system provides a universal fit for all pedestal rail diameters from 25mm to 33.7mm (1″ – 1.33″). Using two mounting saddles, the Pod can fit rail widths from 178mm (7”) upwards.

The saddles support the stainless tubing enabling a secure and rigid fit onto any pedestal and also ensure a watertight seal at cable entry.

Customised U-bolts fit around rail and through the saddles into the back of the pod eliminating the need for time consuming and awkward drilling of the stainless rail.  The pods come stickered with drilling templates for standard 9.5” and 12” rail centres and a scale allowing ease of positioning for non standard rail centres.

  • Increased Protection

The new seal gives a smart clean profile. Manufactured from a high tear strength silicone, it has a very high resistance to heat and UV so you can have confidence that it won’t deteriorate over time.

The Pod front features a bonded double ABS layer adding rigid support for all screens, making them tougher than existing models on the market.

Furthermore, all fixing holes and cable exit holes are fully sealed so you can have complete confidence in your installation.

  • Deck Pod Reinforced

Improvements to the Deck Pod include an inner bracing plate. This secures the Deck Pod base to the pod and gives increased rigidity to the assembly eliminating potential damage from shock and vibration.

  • Easier to Stock

Our new range is short on part numbers with only 26 numbers covering the complete range.

It is simple to stock but gives a wide range of mounting options to fit any boat. Helm, Deck and Mast ranges fit standard instruments, 20/20s, 8″, 12″ and 15″ screens.

Intuitive part numbers help too… e.g SPH-8D-W = Scanpod Helm, 8Display, White

  • Hassle Free Install & Service

Fixings fit from back to front cutting their threads into injection moulded ABS inserts designed into the Pod front.

This design allows for a quick and safe install and repeat servicing.



Marine Grade Materials
We use the best materials for the job. Our pods are made from acrylic capped ABS plastic making them tough, corrosion free and UV stable – ready for anything the sea can throw at them!

Choice of Colour
We wanted to offer you the choice to make your pod suit your boat. So, each Scanpod is available in traditional gloss white or new silver.

Supplied Uncut
The range is supplied uncut for ease of stocking. With fewer models to choose from, you are more likely to find the model you need at your stockist. A factory cutting service is available.

Simplified Stocking
The range is easy to stock as a distributor or dealer. We have deliberately kept the range compact in order to make stocking easy. You will always have the right part in stock when needed.

G-Shock & Heat Tested
Scanpod has been tested extensively. Prior to production our pods must pass some brutal G-shock and heat testing. So, because we know that your instruments will keep working in a Scanpod in heat up to 55°C and G-shocks of over 6g, we’re happy to let you use them!

Visit for further information.

New Helm Pod in silver

Deck Pod in white


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