Posted by: Scanstrut | March 4, 2011

Confidence in your products leads directly to confidence in your sales team

It takes a very good salesperson to successfully sell a product they do not believe in.
So, at Scanstrut, we prefer not put our sales and marketing team under such unnecessary pressure! We make sure that our products are 100% ready for the marine environment and there’s no substitute for proper product testing.

We recently subjected a number of our stainless steel parts to aggressive corrosion testing. This unglamorous hero of the product testing world sits quietly in the background; simulating in two weeks several years of exposure to corrosive forces of the maritime environment.

The test reveals a great deal in a short space of time and can lead to a nervy wait for the anxious manufacturer. When the lid is opened, the results are plain to see… amongst the mist and spray of the extremely salty container will emerge your components and the results will signal either a return to the drawing board for the designers or a successful trial (as was our case recently) and a sign-off on the product in preparation for a launch to the market.

Such tangible results are the stuff of powerful sales presentations from a confident sales team. If your team can hold in their hand a part that looks great after simulated years of continuous exposure to sea water then the benefits to the customer of selecting a Scanstrut product are easy to see.

The photos below show some of the parts after removal from the test chamber:

SC100 Pole Mount: Rail stand-off clamp

Scanpod: New U-bolt fittings from Helm Pod

Self-Levelling Radar Mount - cradle attachment nut & bolt

Self-Levelling Radar Mount - thumb screw


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