Posted by: Scanstrut | April 1, 2011

Bring on the Summer!

The clocks have just changed to summer time here in the UK: always the sign that the sailing season is now upon us. My local club which closes completely for the winter is now back in action and this weekend I will be out on the water for the first race of the year demonstrating very rusty Laser sailing skills.

As always I have made resolutions to practise more, improve my starts and win trophies, but in reality I haven’t been out yet in 2011 and will probably end up in the wrong bit of tide going backwards!

Well I can always use the excuse that I have been too busy at work! This is a hectic time of year for the sales team, but also for the design team where we are working on designs for next year and beyond. METS might seem a long way off with the whole summer to look forward to, but we are already well underway with a number of new products that we intend to launch for 2012.

As always we have had great feedback from our customers, installers and users which all feeds back directly into the product development, our Scanpods for example have gone through a major change to make them visually cleaner, more versatile and easier to fit and it is very satisfying to see that they are being very well received.

Not that I can fit a Scanpod to the Laser, a chartplotter might help with my tidal calculations, but this year’s accessory that I have to fit is a paddle. A committee decision at the end of last year made carrying a paddle mandatory to ensure that becalmed (or slow) dinghies could get out of the way of the commercial shipping in the river. Now this might work in a Mirror, but where do you fit an oar in a Laser, my boat barely has room for me! Ah, yet another design problem, but one that is unlikely to make it to the Scanstrut range. That is unless we get enough popular demand …… !

Todays blog was written by Rob Upton, part of the design team here at Scanstrut.


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