Posted by: Scanstrut | April 19, 2011

We are all Designers…

When developing new products we seek opinion from distributors, dealers, installers, and sailors. We do this to gain the insights on how people use our product and to better understand the problems and challenges people face when boating.

Identifying these insights requires an understanding of how people spend their time when boating. As a designer identifying this need is a skill you have to develop and cherish. More often than not, good product design addresses the needs people never realised they had.

At Scanstrut, Jeffrey, Rob and I are designers by label of our professional role. The question I would like to pose however, is this, “isn’t everybody a designer?”. For instance we all solve challenges we face in our daily lives by designing solutions.

Take this example onboard Alex Bennett’s Class 40, Fujifilm:

Here a kettle has been tack welded to the camping stove and strung vertically by some bungi cord and rope providing a safe water boiling facility. You could say this is an example of design, solving a problem.

At Scanstrut we want to make product that is as easy to use, well made and as well thought out as possible. But in order to do this we need to gather as many insights as possible. So I am encouraging you all to think about where you have been a designer? Where you have seen or created a one-off design as shown above.

If so, let us know and unleash the designer in you!

Todays blog was written by Justin Floyd, part of the design team here at Scanstrut.

Justin Floyd


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