Posted by: Scanstrut | April 19, 2011

What Makes Our Deck Seals the Best on the Market?

At Scanstrut, we understand the importance of having confidence in the products you purchase for your boat. For this reason we design all of our products with both the customer in mind and to be 100% ready for the marine environment.

The Scanstrut Deck Seal range is no exception. Designed to provide a waterproof cable routing for marine electronics, it offers a neat and stylish way of passing cables through the decks, transom, superstructure or bulkhead.

Ideal for electronic installations onboard, it is the perfect sailing accessory for anyone planning boat maintenance.


Waterproof Guarantee: IPX6 & IPX7 Tested and Approved

The IPX6 and IPX7 tests ensure the Deck Seals will provide protection against water ingress even during extreme weather conditions and heavy seas.

In order to provide this waterproof sealing, a tapered seal fits around the cables. Made from a neoprene rubber, the seal is compressed when the two halves of the product are clamped and fitted together.

Blank & Pre-Drilled Split Seals

The Deck Seal kit is supplied with both blank and pre-drilled split seals, enabling a range of individual or multiple cable sizes to be installed.

The split seal provided negates the requirement for the connector to be removed during installation.

 Easy & Reliable Installation

Captive nuts are factory fitted in the lower base of the deck seal, an innovative feature of this product.

This makes for easy assembly and allows for reliable repeat installations from season to season without the worry of damaging the threads and having to replace the product.

Multi-Functional Dome Shape

The unique low profile dome shape provides a sleek aesthetic and a stronger, impact-resistant design (no sharp edges to hit your foot on!).

Additionally, the outer shell overlaps the base and split line to provide an additional water shield.

Your Choice of Materials

The range has been manufactured from materials perfectly suited to the marine environment. We offer two materials to match the preferences of the boat owner – glass filled nylon or 316 stainless steel

The glass filled nylon provides impact resistance along with structural strength and UV stability. The stainless steel version offers an aesthetic value and hard-wearing durability.

Multiple Cable Option

The Multi Deck Seal is designed to fit multiple cables up to 15mm in diameter.

The inner bung is supplied un-drilled to ensure a selection of cables can be fitted and is manufactured using marine grade aluminium with a hard anodised finish to resist impact marks.

The full Deck Seal range is supplied in full retail packaging and a point of sale display is available to all stocking dealers presenting the range to customers in an easy-to-build countertop display.

Interested in purchasing our Deck Seals?
Contact the Sales Team on or call +44 (0) 1803 863800.


Watch Deck Seal Video - Out of the Box


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