Posted by: Scanstrut | March 15, 2012

Jeff’s Atlantic Adventure – ARC 2011

So here are a few pics from my recent trip across the Atlantic as third crew member onboard ‘Sibilation’, a Sigma 33.

On the 12th November 2011 I flew out to Las Palmas to join the co-owners, Nick and Hannah, who had sailed the boat down from Falmouth that summer. We spent the week leading up to the start prepping, provisioning and meeting the other ARC crews. The World Cruising Club put on an impressive schedule of seminars and socials so the three of us had a pretty busy week!

Motoring out for the start.

We set sail on the 20th November, in the Cruising Division (Class H) along with 138 other yachts, destination: Rodney Bay, St. Lucia. For the first 16 days we had great conditions and made really good progress. The last three days were a bit light causing us to use our engine (allowed in the Cruising Division, but penalized quite heavily). We made it to Rodney bay in just over 19 and a half days, which we were pretty pleased with considering the lack of wind for the last 3 days.

Hannah writing things on tins.

My flight back to the UK was booked for the following weekend so we had quite a bit of time to relax and enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle. It didn’t take long, however, for Nick and I to be out in Rodney Bay, racing each other in rented Hobie Waves. Awesome little boats!

Relaxing in the shade

Sitting in the office now, it seems like a very long time ago that I was out there, immersed in the daily routine of life at sea, watching dolphins frolic in our bow wave, gazing at the stars at night, surfing down an endless supply of waves and watching the log climb and climb, catching glimpses of other boats on the horizon and the excitement that ensued, and just the small things that caused great amusement after looking at sea, sky and clouds for two weeks!


So now I’m back at work, at the other end of the food chain, providing sailors with product to enable them to fulfill their dreams on the water, wherever and whatever they may be.



  1. Hi! I was on the Arc 2011 too , onboard Sapphire. Now starting on a new boat soon and will be doing the Arc again this year! Nice to read your post, it reminded me of our crossing!

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