Posted by: Scanstrut | March 22, 2012

Scanstrut USA Tour

Our Sales Director Adam has been busy recently…

In my job, I travel to visit our customers around the world. Sometimes I am lucky enough to travel with company, and last week I was working in the USA with the Ocean Marketing sales team.

Scanstrut USA sales are managed in partnership with Ocean Marketing. Headed by industry veteran and marine expert John Thommen, Ocean Marketing deliver first-rate customer service through a network of sales representatives across the USA. In addition, they deliver Scanstrut products with a same day shipping commitment, from a full-line stocking warehouse in Guilford, Connecticut.

We set out to visit our key dealers across the North-East USA, covering 7 states in 5 days. Jim Wallis handled the driving and navigating, whilst I provided a running commentary on the scenery and sites – sweeping rivers, idyllic marinas, moose warning signs and vast forests.

New England is certainly very pretty at this time of year, and whilst we got hit by snow and temperatures in the low 30s (around 0°C) in the north, temperatures were in the mid-60s (18°C) in Connecticut, and boat covers were coming off – great news!

Here are a couple of pictures from the trip…

Out for a run and what should I see - Mystic Pizza, the same one from the Julia Roberts film.

Jim polishes his sales technique, 'Shall I take that as an order?'

New England lobster - or 'lobstah' if you are in Boston.

No moose jokes, thank you.

Adam's Avenue - my first real estate venture...

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