Posted by: Scanstrut | March 29, 2012

The “Digger” Project

1,800 nautical miles with a Varianta 18

How it all started

Over 5 years ago, Stephan “Digger” Boden and his friend navigated around the Baltic sea on an Etap 28i to make a DVD on harbours.  Visiting up to 3 harbours a day, Stephan soon felt like a Japanese tourist on a mission to get it all in the “box”.  And as he reluctantly left beautiful sailing creeks behind, the seed of the “Digger” 2012 project was planted – one day, he would return and take the time to make these waters justice.

The project

The boat-in-progress

Designed for day-boating, the much-upgraded Varianta 18 will be home to skipper Stephan and first hand Polly (the cutest Parson Russel Terrier) for 5 months as both of them tour the Baltic from May to October 2012 – collecting film footage, images, smiles and stories.  A DVD and book (which will be published by Delius-Klasing in January 2013) will tell the story of one man, his dog and their journey on the sea.

The man

Stephan Boden is an experienced media man – advertising, film making, social-networking are his everyday world.  This, combined with wit, a great sense of humour and a genuine love of sailing, undoubtedly makes for a great success which will culminate with the boat and its crew attending the Düsseldorf BOOT 2013 boat show.

Scanstrut sponsorship

As a self-confessed gadget-victim, Stephan found himself on Scanstrut’s BOOT 2012 stand admiring the much acclaimed Lifedge iPad case (incidentally almost winning our BOOT photo competition thanks to Polly’s natural modelling talent!).  Already won over by the many advantages of navigation with iPad, it did not take long for Stephan to realise that Scanstrut’s waterproof case and ROK LOK mount would make his plan to use the iPad on deck a reality.  And the rest, as they say, is history…

Scanstrut Deck Seal

So join us as we follow the “Digger” on its exciting journey – you will of course find regular updates on the Scanstrut blog or Facebook page and those of you fluent in German can also check out the Digger Project blog direct at or follow him on Facebook at


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