Posted by: Scanstrut | December 19, 2012

The Evolution of the Scanpod

The market for marine electronics is constantly changing and over the last year we have seen a trend emerging. Customers are favouring smaller, more compact instruments from the marine electronics brands.

In answer to this, we have introduced a number of new Scanpod’s this year. Read on for an overview of our new launches and what is coming up in 2013…

Multi Instrument Pod

Earlier this year we added a couple of multi instrument pods to our Helm and Deck range. The SPH-4XI-W (Helm) and SPD-4XI-W (Deck). Designed for the easy viewing of 4 x standard instruments or 2 x standard instruments + 7″ screen.

In stock now.



7” Display Scanpod

With the introduction of smaller instruments from the likes of Simrad (NSS-7), Raymarine (e7) and Garmin (700 Series) there was a need for a scaled down version of our Deck Pod. The 7” Deck Pod has a smaller adjustable base and packs all the same great features of the full sized pods.

In stock now.

The size of the 7” Pod means that it is too small to fit within a standard pedestal so two new mounting solutions have been designed to fit the Scanpod to the rail.

Available Spring 2013.


7″ Rail Arm Mounted Scanpod

Compact 8” and 12” Pods

New compact models in the Helm and Deck Pod range are designed to cater for the new slimmer chartplotters. The new Compact Pods minimise front face size and pod depth for the ultimate compact installation.

In stock now.

8" Scanpod

8″ Scanpod

Single Instrument Pods

Introducing the new single instrument Scanpod.  Designed for entry-level electronics such as the Furuno FI-50 STD instruments or the Raymarine i70, the instrument Scanpod is available as a Rail Mounted pod (as shown below) or a Rail Arm Mounted pod (see previous picture).

Available Spring 2013. 

Single Instrument Rail Mount Pod

Single Instrument Rail Mount Pod


Created to protect your Scanpod and instruments, the Scanstrut Suncover is manufactured from high quality, UV stable material and includes a pull cord to tighten which ensures maximum protection. There are sizes to fit all Scanpod models.

In stock now.

Helm Pod Suncover

Helm Pod Suncover

Click here for further information on our Scanpod product range


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