Posted by: Scanstrut | January 23, 2013


Our mounting products for radar and satcom antenna are what Scanstrut is best known for. What you may not be aware of is that we have a new range of affordable GPS and VHF antenna mounts.

Designed to offer a solution for customers who want to mount multiple VHF/GPS antenna mounts, but do not have a lot of space available on their deck. The three products in the range include the T-Bar, T-Pole and Rail Mount.

“The GPS Mounts range was designed due to demand from customers looking to mount multiple VHF or GPS antennas on a simple and good value product. The range provides internal cable routing, compact design and simple installation onto any boat.”

Rob Upton, Scanstrut Head of Design & Engineering


The T-Bar can hold up to four GPS/VHF antennas, and can easily be installed onto pushpit rails and decks to provide the perfect installation solution for power and sail boat owners looking for the secure and neat storage of antennas.



Marine grade 316 stainless steel has been used to create an elegant finish and avoid any corrosion caused from the ongoing exposure to sea water. The aerial bar on the mounting bracket can be rotated during installation to determine the ideal position for the antenna to ensure aerials are always vertical. To ensure a neat appearance once installed, the customer is able to route cables through the mount internally.

Part no: TB-01


The T-Pole is a cost-effective mount for up to 4 GPS/VHF antennas. It is extremely easy to install and ideal for both sail and powerboats.



It offers a versatile mounting solution with a fully adjustable base the fits onto any surface, sloping or flat. The height can be customised by shortening the 1.5m pole upon installation. The cable routing can be hidden during installation to ensure a neat solution.

Part no: TP-01

Rail Mount

If you are looking to install a single GPS or VHF antenna to the pushpit rail, this is the perfect solution.

Rail Mount

Rail Mount

The Rail Mount can be fitted to rails of 25mm (1”) in diameter and comes with a watertight seal for additional protection against exposure to the sea.  The Rail Mount has been manufactured using stainless steel to ensure durability and an attractive finish. As with all the GPS Mounts Range the Rail Mount allows for internal cable routing to ensure a neat installation.

Part no: RA-01

The products in the GPS Mounts Range are all in stock and available to purchase now – please contact the sales team for more information at


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