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Scanstrut Strengthens Team

Here at Scanstrut, great products and exciting design put big smiles on our faces.

The design team is rapidly evolving with the hiring of Will Hitchcock, new Product Design Engineer and we have welcomed him with open arms (after a quick desk shift around).

As well as a new designer –  the promotion of Nick Robson to the newly created role of Operations Manager will ensure our products reach all corners of the world swiftly and effectively!

An award-winning Product Design Engineer – Will Hitchcock will design for both Scanstrut and the recently launched Lifedge brand.

Will Hitchcock

Will’s previous experience includes design engineering and product development roles with Dyson Appliances Ltd and Herman Miller International. Will has also worked closely with an international supplier base and leading design agencies including Yves Behar. He has been responsible for project ownership, from concept to production and is already pen in hand, scribbling away!

As the new Operations Manager at Scanstrut, Nick Robson will be responsible for continual improvements in customer service, stock management and logistics, as the business develops, grows and becomes more complex.

Nick taking part in the 2011 ARC Race

To help further enhance the experience for Scanstrut and Lifedge customers Nick will provide a critical link between sales, marketing, product design and logistics’ operations.  Specifically he will focus on key operations such as faster deliveries and delivering high quality product to more customers around the world.

We are very excited here in the office (especially as Will makes an exceptional cup of tea) and thought we would share our good news…….

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Windswept and Wet – The Tale of the Channel Crossing

Our Global sales co-ordinator Sarah took a week out of the office to sail across the channel last week and here is her side of the story…..

Windswept and wet!  That doesn’t sound like the start of a relaxed tale across the water, but from my experiences last week I don’t think sailing across the channel is anything less than a challenge at the best of times!  I took a week’s holiday to take part in the Offshore week race across the English Channel, over to the French coast and around the Channel Islands.

Usually used to sailing in the warm (and mainly calm) waters of the Med, I had a feeling the English Channel would be a little different! Our first leg over to Guernsey was in-fact calm for the Channel, a little foggy at times and some close encounters with a few cargo ships meant that there was plenty to look out for!

Looking back on the week, this was merely a chance to get acclimatised to offshore sailing, as this was the lightest wind and slightest sea conditions we were to experience all week! We had a wild journey over to France with steady 25+ knots of breeze and a big sea running as we headed for sunny St. Quay! It was great to see the sight of land and enjoy a rewarding ‘bier’ on arrival on French soil!

Sunny arrival in St. Quay

Our flotilla moored in St.Quay

Our best port of call was the town of Paimpol, which we entered through lock gates, and moored Mediterranean style ‘stern-to’ ready for our fancy dress party! A rather raucous night on the quayside that must have had the locals thinking we were the mad English!

Pontoon party!

The end of our week saw our strongest winds with 36 knots (4 knots short of a gale!) of wind heading over to Jersey with a huge rolling sea of at least 4 meters in height, meant for a very wild arrival into Jersey. Wild but brilliant as we were almost guided in by a pod of dolphins!! Sadly no photos of this moment, as I was far too keen to watch them surfing along with our bow wave at 8/9 knots downwind.

Moving steadily towards home, our last race was from Guernsey finishing at the Channel Light Vessel (a large red boat like a floating light house moored in the Channel!). Despite being a four-hour race, it was very close and all of our hard work racing during the week came down to the last day, with minutes in it, we sailed to our first Offshore Week victory!! It was wild and exciting (sometimes too exciting!) but a brilliant week and to return to Torquay in ‘first’ place was fantastic and secures us at least one prize at the end of the season! A fantastic experience, and now I feel like a ‘real’ sailor having survived the wild seas of the Channel!

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It’s an incredibly exciting time in the Scanstrut offices at present. Since previewing our Waterproof case for iPad at METS last November, the team have been super busy getting the product ready for market.

Aside from all the usual product development and testing, this has also included the development of an entirely new brand for the case to be launched under.

With stock of the product starting to arrive, we wanted to give you a preview of the new Lifedge brand…

Why has Scanstrut launched a new brand?

When developing the Waterproof Case for iPad we realised the product had a reach far beyond the core Scanstrut marine market and so Lifedge was created. This means we can communicate with a new audience and a new product line without compromising what the Scanstrut brand stands for and the products we represent.

We haven’t forgotten about Scanstrut. We are very much still working on the Scanstrut product range and have many new products in the pipeline!

Tell me about Lifedge…

Lifedge frees you to go where you want and do what you choose.

If you’re into the great outdoors – or work in demanding conditions – you need technology you can trust. Technology that won’t let you down.

Our leading edge design uses the very best in materials technology to deliver peak performance under even the harshest conditions. Always.

Waterproof Case for iPad

The first of many products in the Lifedge range, the Waterproof Case for iPad keeps your iPad safe and dry while you work, ride, trek or explore.


  • 100% Waterproof. Shockproof.
  • Anti-glare screen for sunlight viewing.
  • Total functionality of touchscreen, Wi-Fi and cameras.
  • Easy to take on and off – compact enough to leave on permanently.
  • Exceptional sound transmission.
  • Comfortable handstrap for ease of use.
  • Waterproof case for iPad 2 floats.
  • Available in 4 colours – grey, blue, green and pink
  • Models to fit iPad 1 and 2. A case for the new iPad (iPad 3) will be available in July.

Visit for more info and to sign up to the mailing list.

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Sponsored Sailor: Update on Jeanne on “Nereida”

One of our sponsored sailors Jeanne Socrates is about to embark on another amazing journey……

Jeanne accepts the Duchess of Kent Trophy from Sir Robin Knox-Johnston at the Cruising Association HQ

After unexpected delays due to necessary work on board ‘Nereida’, Jeanne is about to set off from Hobart (Tasmania) across the Tasman Sea towards the SW Cape of New Zealand.

This will be the last of the Five Great Capes that she will have sailed around solo, since rounding Cape Horn on 7th January 2011 (after her knockdown two days earlier ended her second solo nonstop circumnavigation attempt)

She will then be heading up the S. Pacific towards Tahiti and then north towards Hawaii and N.America, from where her third nonstop solo RTW attempt is due to start early in October this year.

Jeanne aboard NEREIDA in Hobart

The weather, as usual, has also delayed her start from Hobart.   Heading straight into headwinds (or no wind) was not a sensible option, so her departure has now been scheduled for early Thursday.

That means she’ll unexpectedly be in Australia for Anzac Day (Wednesday 25th April) – very appropriate, since her father John Faulkner (killed just before she was born, while flying in a RAF bomber in WWII) hailed from Sydney….

Daily postings of news and position, while on passage, can be found on her website:

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Carine’s trip to Germany – What’s she been up to?

Carine’s story….

Despite a limited coastline, sailing is a serious business in Germany.  From the Baltic Sea to the southern lakes, not forgetting the inland waterways around Berlin and the many “expats” seeking warmer seas, German sailors know a thing or two about quality marine products.

Eckernforde harbour - venue of the famous Eel regatte in May, which is the prelude to Kiel week in June!

Therefore, unsurprisingly, Scanstrut continues to enjoy growing sales in this market, managed by electronics and marine distribution specialist nordwest-funk.  From its base in Emden (touristic seaport of North Western Germany), owner Niko Reisch’s team ensure that Scanstrut products are made available to a wide dealer network.

The Nord West Funk team

Easter is an eagerly awaited time in the German sailing calendar.  So, together with Kai Oberhoff (NWF Sales Manager North/East), I set out on a 2 day Scanstrut Dealer tour to meet the people who sell and fit our products every day.  Our journey took us to the core sailing land – from the buzzing Hamburg and its leafy surrounding area to the beautiful Baltic shores.

Thomas Lambeck from Lambeck Schiffselektronik in Neustadt with Kai Oberhof from NordWest Funk

Yours truly having a well deserved rest....

And everywhere, the same excitement was in the air – spring is back, time to get the boats ready for this year’s Segelsaison*!

A couple of our Scanstrut specialists below will certainly know how to help you with that…

* sailing season

Christian Thiel from Navpoint Nord in Lubeck with first and second mates Stasi and Cito the Parsons Terriers

Silvio Prasser from Ancora Marina in Neustadt

Matthias Busse from Busse Yachtshop in Kiel - Germany's largest on-line electronics retailer.

Andreas Benkert, Benkert & Jorczick in Wedel

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The “Digger” Project

1,800 nautical miles with a Varianta 18

How it all started

Over 5 years ago, Stephan “Digger” Boden and his friend navigated around the Baltic sea on an Etap 28i to make a DVD on harbours.  Visiting up to 3 harbours a day, Stephan soon felt like a Japanese tourist on a mission to get it all in the “box”.  And as he reluctantly left beautiful sailing creeks behind, the seed of the “Digger” 2012 project was planted – one day, he would return and take the time to make these waters justice.

The project

The boat-in-progress

Designed for day-boating, the much-upgraded Varianta 18 will be home to skipper Stephan and first hand Polly (the cutest Parson Russel Terrier) for 5 months as both of them tour the Baltic from May to October 2012 – collecting film footage, images, smiles and stories.  A DVD and book (which will be published by Delius-Klasing in January 2013) will tell the story of one man, his dog and their journey on the sea.

The man

Stephan Boden is an experienced media man – advertising, film making, social-networking are his everyday world.  This, combined with wit, a great sense of humour and a genuine love of sailing, undoubtedly makes for a great success which will culminate with the boat and its crew attending the Düsseldorf BOOT 2013 boat show.

Scanstrut sponsorship

As a self-confessed gadget-victim, Stephan found himself on Scanstrut’s BOOT 2012 stand admiring the much acclaimed Lifedge iPad case (incidentally almost winning our BOOT photo competition thanks to Polly’s natural modelling talent!).  Already won over by the many advantages of navigation with iPad, it did not take long for Stephan to realise that Scanstrut’s waterproof case and ROK LOK mount would make his plan to use the iPad on deck a reality.  And the rest, as they say, is history…

Scanstrut Deck Seal

So join us as we follow the “Digger” on its exciting journey – you will of course find regular updates on the Scanstrut blog or Facebook page and those of you fluent in German can also check out the Digger Project blog direct at or follow him on Facebook at

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Scanstrut USA Tour

Our Sales Director Adam has been busy recently…

In my job, I travel to visit our customers around the world. Sometimes I am lucky enough to travel with company, and last week I was working in the USA with the Ocean Marketing sales team.

Scanstrut USA sales are managed in partnership with Ocean Marketing. Headed by industry veteran and marine expert John Thommen, Ocean Marketing deliver first-rate customer service through a network of sales representatives across the USA. In addition, they deliver Scanstrut products with a same day shipping commitment, from a full-line stocking warehouse in Guilford, Connecticut.

We set out to visit our key dealers across the North-East USA, covering 7 states in 5 days. Jim Wallis handled the driving and navigating, whilst I provided a running commentary on the scenery and sites – sweeping rivers, idyllic marinas, moose warning signs and vast forests.

New England is certainly very pretty at this time of year, and whilst we got hit by snow and temperatures in the low 30s (around 0°C) in the north, temperatures were in the mid-60s (18°C) in Connecticut, and boat covers were coming off – great news!

Here are a couple of pictures from the trip…

Out for a run and what should I see - Mystic Pizza, the same one from the Julia Roberts film.

Jim polishes his sales technique, 'Shall I take that as an order?'

New England lobster - or 'lobstah' if you are in Boston.

No moose jokes, thank you.

Adam's Avenue - my first real estate venture...

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Jeff’s Atlantic Adventure – ARC 2011

So here are a few pics from my recent trip across the Atlantic as third crew member onboard ‘Sibilation’, a Sigma 33.

On the 12th November 2011 I flew out to Las Palmas to join the co-owners, Nick and Hannah, who had sailed the boat down from Falmouth that summer. We spent the week leading up to the start prepping, provisioning and meeting the other ARC crews. The World Cruising Club put on an impressive schedule of seminars and socials so the three of us had a pretty busy week!

Motoring out for the start.

We set sail on the 20th November, in the Cruising Division (Class H) along with 138 other yachts, destination: Rodney Bay, St. Lucia. For the first 16 days we had great conditions and made really good progress. The last three days were a bit light causing us to use our engine (allowed in the Cruising Division, but penalized quite heavily). We made it to Rodney bay in just over 19 and a half days, which we were pretty pleased with considering the lack of wind for the last 3 days.

Hannah writing things on tins.

My flight back to the UK was booked for the following weekend so we had quite a bit of time to relax and enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle. It didn’t take long, however, for Nick and I to be out in Rodney Bay, racing each other in rented Hobie Waves. Awesome little boats!

Relaxing in the shade

Sitting in the office now, it seems like a very long time ago that I was out there, immersed in the daily routine of life at sea, watching dolphins frolic in our bow wave, gazing at the stars at night, surfing down an endless supply of waves and watching the log climb and climb, catching glimpses of other boats on the horizon and the excitement that ensued, and just the small things that caused great amusement after looking at sea, sky and clouds for two weeks!


So now I’m back at work, at the other end of the food chain, providing sailors with product to enable them to fulfill their dreams on the water, wherever and whatever they may be.

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Welcome Natalie to the Scanstrut Team…

As Scanstrut introduce a new member of the team to the Totnes office we thought to ourselves ‘What would our customers like to know about Natalie Melmore?’

At 22 years of age she is (by a few years!) the youngest member of our team to date and will be offering sales and marketing support to everyone in the office.

She is currently tasked with assisting Marketing Manager Hannah with launching Scanstrut into the new social media world with regular product focused updates and to become more interactive with our global customer base.

So….. Read on for 5 Fascinating Facts about Natalie…

Natalie joins Scanstrut Team!

1. After graduating Plymouth University last year with a 2.1 in Law with Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies, joining the marine industry wasn’t an obvious choice so why did she choose us?

I have always been interested in the marine industry (although I’m no sailing expert) and after doing some research on the company, I realised your core customer service values coupled with the quality of the products meant it was definitely somewhere I wanted to be!

2. What would you be doing if you weren’t working here with us?

Hopefully travelling somewhere warm and exotic!

I love to find and explore new places and cultures, especially after taking a gap year after university…I now have the bug. Peru is definitely next on my list.

3. When you were younger you wanted to grow up to….?

After watching a series of Indiana Jones films all I wanted to do was be an archaeologist. Unfortunately after realising that the job would mainly involve brushing mass areas of dirt with a toothbrush and finding a piece of irrelevant pot I decided maybe it wasn’t the career for me!

4. What is your biggest pet hate?

That’s a tough one, but I would have to say that standing on a wet patch on the floor in your clean, dry socks really bugs me!

5. One thing that people would never guess about you?

Probably the fact that I play lawn bowls in the summer. I started when I was 9 years old and have never looked back. I have been fortunate enough to represent England since I was 14 and in 2010 won Commonwealth gold in the ladies singles!

Definitely not something that comes up in normal conversation….especially since I’m under 65!

 Two weeks in and she is still here…..that’s got to be a good sign!

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Marine UV Monitor to launch at METS 2011

We are very excited about this new product and we can’t wait to see what you think…

Enjoy every day onboard.

A world first and a truly unique innovation for the marine industry, the UV-IQ UV Monitor provides real-time monitoring and display of current and cumulative UV levels on board.

Have you ever come back to shore and found that you were sunburnt?

Protect yourself and your crew by raising your UV awareness and avoid accidental sun exposure.

Waterproof, buoyant and totally portable you can take it anywhere – flybridge, cockpit, dinghy or beach.

  • Auto activates upon exposure to sunlight and UV. You can’t forget to switch it on!
  • Displays current exposure levels using World Health Organisation’s index scale (0-11)
  • Cumulative UV for previous 6 hours shown by a digital display.
  • Powered by solar. No batteries required. Wireless.
  • Daylight viewable LEDs can be seen from multiple angles and highlight UV strength.
  • Trend indicator shows whether overall levels are rising or falling


Scattering of UV rays off water increases exposure by 25%. Even when overcast, 40% of UV still penetrates  through cloud cover.

Perfect for sailing schools, racing crews, charter fleets and powerboat owners, the product will educate both adults and children alike.

Come and see the product for yourselves at METS 2011. Stand 03.504.

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